Luxury home flooring stores in Seattle could soon be in a pickle

More from The Wall St Journal: Largest luxury home floor and flooring retailers in Seattle are looking for a buyer.

The Seattle luxury home and floor building stores are among a handful of retailers that have filed for bankruptcy protection amid an array of issues including declining sales, a downturn in global demand and the collapse of the home construction industry.

That could put the home floor building industry in a bind as it struggles to find buyers for its wares, many of which are now being used for purposes beyond the homebuilding industry.

Larges of stores are expected to close in the coming months and may sell for less than what the stores are worth. 

The Seattle-based retailer that has been struggling to sell for years has had some problems with the business.

Its inventory has fallen by about a third over the last two years and it has seen a steady decline in sales, particularly from its premium segment, the premium home floor, flooring and ceiling molding. 

A spokeswoman for the retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue, said the company has been working to find new buyers for the stores, which have been hit by a series of business disruptions.

The spokeswoman said the retailer has been actively exploring other opportunities for future sales and that there were plans for a sale.

“We have an opportunity to be a sustainable business in a number of ways, including through the sale of our properties,” she said. 

“We continue to work diligently to build our portfolio, including our new luxury home market in Seattle.

We’re in the early stages of those discussions,” she added. 

While the Seattle luxury stores have faced some challenges, they are not the only ones facing bankruptcy. 

Several other luxury home building stores have been in the news recently. 

In April, Macy’s Home and Garden opened its second location in a mall in Minneapolis. 

Home and Garden, which opened its first store in Los Angeles in 2000, is a specialty home building retailer. 

Its business is based in the home building and remodeling industry. 

It is owned by Macy’s, which owns Home Depot, Home Depot Supercenter, HomeAway and Home Improvement. 

Macy’s has said it has a number other stores in the Seattle area that it is considering for bankruptcy.

“We have some other stores we’re considering for closure, too, but the plan right now is to get into the process and see what’s best for the people in our stores,” said Melissa Buell, a Macy’s spokeswoman. 

Other home building retailers that are in the process of filing for bankruptcy include The Home Depot in Los Angles, the Home Depot and Home Depot Plus in Atlanta, the National Home Builders Association in Dallas, the Cottage City Home Buildin in San Francisco and the Home Build and Repair in Chicago. 

But those retailers are not among the luxury home builders that have been on the ropes. 

Holland Home Furnishings, which has about 800 stores in about a dozen U.S. cities, is also not a luxury home builder. 

As of last month, the company had about 1,100 stores. 

Meanwhile, The Home Capital Group in San Diego, which is the largest mortgage lender in the U.K., is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 

Since the housing crisis began, mortgage lenders have been warning that if the housing market continues to deteriorate they may have to cut back on lending.

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