‘No-nonsense’ owner of wooden floor lamps says ‘no one can ever control us’

The owner of a wooden floor lighting business has told The Sunday Times that he is “no-narrative” about his business and will not “try to control” his customers.

Owner-turned-author Mike Mudd said his business has “never been about the money”, which has seen him build a “life-changing” life for himself.

“I’ve been able to create my own path for myself and have built a business that has allowed me to be who I am today,” he said.

“My family are very happy and I know they are.”

But Mr Mudd, who is based in New Zealand, said he was not interested in “taking the easy route” and that he would not try to “control” his business.

“People have no idea what I do and I don’t want to control my customers.

I’m a business person, not a politician,” he told the paper.”

What I want to do is get a lot of people in the industry to come out and support the business.

It’s about the business being good for the community and the environment.”

But the local community has been critical of Mr Muddle’s business in recent months.

Local politician Chris Fauci, who was a member of the council in 2013 when the business opened, said the business had become a “very unhealthy business”.

“There is a lot more bad behaviour than good, it is an unhealthy business,” he wrote in a blog post.

“The only thing that will stop people from taking the opportunity to buy a property in this town is if they are honest about it.”

You can’t say that you are going to help the community.

The community is going to get worse.

“Mr Faucic said the council had “taken the wrong decision” to allow the business to continue operating and that it had become “a very unhealthy business” with no “legitimate purpose”.”

It has become a huge problem for the residents of the town,” he added.

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