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Which floor mat is best for patio furniture?

There’s no shortage of great patio furniture options for sale on Craigslist.

Whether you’re looking for a new floor mat, an old rug or an old couch, here are some of our favorite patio floor mats.


Rug mat with removable cover: This Rugmat rug mat comes with a removable cover.

If you don’t like the feel of a rug mat, this rug mat can be made with any of our other rug mat options.2.

Fabric rug mat: A fabric rug mat that has an adhesive backing can be purchased in bulk online or in bulk at home improvement stores.

It comes with an adhesive cover.3.

Fabric sofa mat: Fabric sofa mats can be bought in bulk or on site.

They come with an elastic backing, which makes them perfect for covering up any imperfections in the sofa.4.

Fabric mat with a cushion: This fabric mat has a cushioned base and a cushion covering.

It’s perfect for creating a space for hanging up your favorite book, or a place for your favorite beverage or napkin.5.

Fabric floor mats: Fabric floor mat options include:A.

Fabric carpet mats: These are lightweight, easy to fold up, and durable.

You can purchase them in bulk for $5-10 at your local hardware store or online at


Fabric mats:These mats have a durable foam backing and a foam cushion covering, and they are great for creating an additional space for books, DVDs, and other items.


Fabric cushions: These cushions have a foam backing that can be folded and used as a pillow, and the cushion covering can be removed to create a second space for your books, clothes, or other personal items.


Fabric mattresses: These mats are lightweight and foldable and can be used as an extra-large or extra-small bed.

They also come with a cushional base.