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Here’s what you need to know about the new Tesla Sander floor sanders

Google, the world’s biggest tech company, is rolling out a new version of its popular electric car.

And the company is announcing it’s also offering the Tesla Sender to its customers.

The company has a number of ways to set up a sander and a stand, and the Sender, which will be offered in the US and Europe in April, will come with a “stand and sander combo” option, which allows you to set the sander down and move the stand to the side of your garage or office, while still being able to control the sasher with your phone or tablet.

Tesla Senders also come with built-in sensors that can measure the ground pressure, temperature, and more, to help you make sure your Tesla isn’t making any mistakes or damaging your vehicle’s parts.

Tesla says the Senders are designed to fit between the doors of a vehicle, and can be used to clean and cleanse areas inside the vehicle, such as vents and seats, as well as to repair and replace items in the cabin.

There’s also a stand and sasher combo option for customers who want to use a sasher as a stand or a sender.

The Sender comes with a large battery, a power cord, and a quick charge cable, and is priced at $1,400.

The $1.99 price tag is actually lower than the $2,200 price tag that the Sauer has been getting for a while now, as Tesla says that it has “been testing the Sander in some homes.”

Tesla says customers will have up to three months to get their hands on the new version.

Tesla also announced a new “Powerwall” energy storage system, which is the same kind of energy storage unit that Tesla uses for its Model S, and it has also launched the “EnergySense” energy tracking app for Android and iOS.

Powerwall is a battery-backed system that can store up to 8 kWh of energy per hour, and PowerSense uses your phone’s location to help it figure out how much energy you need.

The new Tesla Powerwall also has a “PowerSense” app that can show you the battery life of your Tesla, and if you want to know how much power you can get out of your new battery, it will display how much battery life you have left.

And there’s a “Charging and Energy Management” app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, which can tell you how much you can charge your Tesla with just one charge.

The “Energy Sense” app will also help you track your power usage with a new battery gauge, and you can also set your Tesla up to send you notifications about battery capacity changes, charging times, and so on.

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