Why does your kitchen floor look like a box?

If you’re looking for a modern take on an old-school kitchen floor, you’re in luck.

It looks like a barnyard, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the latest collection of furniture and decor from Lowe’s, a discount home goods retailer.

You might find the shelves and cabinets lined with a wide variety of old-fashioned furniture and other household goods, as well as old photos of barns and farm animals.

The shelves are covered in old-style bookshelves and old-world-style furniture, too, with vintage photos of a mannequin and a baby giraffe and a pair of stuffed bears, for example.

You’ll also find a wide range of vintage bookshelving and other items, as if you were shopping at a used bookstore.

The kitchen floor is all the more impressive because it’s built entirely of laminate.

There are no flooring screws or nails on this floor, which is made of anodized aluminum and finished with a white lacquer finish.

The laminate floors are available in two different finishes: white or grey.

You can even choose between a polished white finish or a gloss black finish.

(The gloss black flooring is also available.)

For those who like to decorate the floor with a little color, there’s also a variety of color combinations, including a bright turquoise flooring or a dark red and black floor.

For a more modern look, the flooring can be fitted with glass trim and a new white or gray paint job.