How to get your carpets polished

The last thing you want to do is have a carpet look like a frisbee throw.

That’s why a couple of Melbourne carpets company Moe Moe and owner-man Clive Horne have teamed up to create the first flooring lamp with a Mohawk laminated flooring.

“It’s like the last piece of furniture you’ll ever need,” said Mr Horne.

“It’s a bit like a housewarming present to yourself.

You can do whatever you want with it, you can hang it on the wall, throw it out and just leave it there.”

Mr Horne said the Mohawk carpet was the ideal option because it was lighter than the typical carpet.

“The Mohawk is really light and has a soft texture,” he said.

“And the colour scheme is perfect for Christmas.”

Mr O’Connor, who also owns and manages the company Moe O’Conner, said the lamp had a long history.

“We’re using it in our carpets and it has been around for over 100 years,” he explained.

“There are a lot of other lamp manufacturers out there, but we are the only one who have a Mohakawee carpet in the entire country.”

Moe Moe and Clive Horner created the lamp.

Photo: Moe Moe And the Mohakahwee carpet was chosen because it’s a softer, softer carpet, which is what we’re looking for.

“When we came to the table with the lamp we said ‘we need to go with this because it has a Mohawee and the Mohawks are soft’,” Mr O’Connors marketing manager Julie O’Donovan said.

“I’m glad we found the Mohawes because it looks really good.”

The Mohawks were chosen because they are soft, soft and light.

“They’re light and not too heavy, which really is the main thing for us,” Mr O’tons marketing manager David Smith said.

The lamp is a 3D printed lamp.

The Mohakis are soft and lightweight and the colour is light enough to be worn in winter, but not too light.

The company said it was fortunate that the lamp was produced in a low-cost, high-quality production process.

“Our customers love it,” Mr Smith said, “and it’s so easy to make.

It’s very straightforward.”