When a barn sheds and a house burns

This week’s BBC Sport programme looks at how sheds and houses can become “burned-out”.

The programmes highlights: The barn shed is the only shed that’s completely self-sufficient – it can keep itself going for months at a time. 

This shed is built in the back of the barn, and is fully self-contained. 

Its walls are reinforced with concrete and steel. 

The shed is a “dry” shed, meaning it has no water.

The roof is a thin metal mesh that lets air and air-conditioning circulate. 

There’s no electricity in the shed, so there’s no heating. 

“This sheds is self-sustaining for the next four years, which means it’s a dry shed for about three months,” says Dr John Pomeroy, who is a structural engineer and member of the British Sustainability Research Centre. 

For years, it has been the only dry shed in the UK, with many others under construction. 

Pomeroy’s team have been working on an alternative, more sustainable way to construct sheds, which could provide energy and heating for up to a year. 

Building a shed with an outside space in it would mean you would have to keep it covered to make it safe. 

It would also have to be built close to a water source, and this could make it difficult for people to get water from their gardens. 

Sheds and houses have traditionally been constructed in wood. 

But over the last decade, it’s become possible to build houses and sheds in a way that’s a lot more environmentally friendly. 

A shed is made up of several parts, including an inside shed, a shed roof, a concrete slab, and a floor. 

One of the biggest issues with sheds is how much space they need. 

In the UK there are around 60,000 sheds, according to the Shelter Shelter, but they’re often built in a building that is too small to fit people. 

According to the UK government, there are only about 3,000 buildings in the country that are designed to house people in the “complete” sheds. 

And even if the government’s estimate of a total shed capacity of 60,00 is correct, it still means that about 60, 000 sheds need to be constructed. 

Dr Pomeroys team has spent years researching how sheds can be made more sustainable. 

They’ve been working with architects to try to create structures that can withstand the stresses of a fire and still allow for living. 

To build a shed that can cope with such high winds, it would need to have windows, doors, a chimney, and insulation around the structure. 

These elements of the shed will need to withstand high winds too. 

He believes the best way to design a shed to withstand such high wind levels is to have it at the front of the building. 

His team is working on a prototype that’s been in the works for some time.

It’s a prototype built from concrete that’s more resistant to high winds. 

When you look at the shed roof above the shed floor, it appears to have been constructed from a “dual-use” material, rather than a “single-use”. 

“When we’re talking about this type of roof, it was actually originally a single-use material,” says Pomeroyer. 

You need to make sure it can withstand high wind conditions. 

So he and his team have built the prototype to test out the roof before they make the shed final. 

Once they’ve got the roof in place, the shed is ready to be made. 

Inside the shed the concrete is poured, and then the concrete slab is fitted to the inside of the roof. 

Each shed roof can house up to 200 people, so the team is building them to a size of about 20 people.

The shed has two separate sides, with one of the sides being attached to the roof and the other to the floor. 

 The two sides of the sheds roof have a single door on each side. 

While they’re being built, the team are making sure the shed can withstand a fire. 

As the sheds get ready to go up, they need to heat up the shed and keep it cool. 

Heaters have to go on top of the concrete and the insulation. 

At this stage, the teams are building the sheds floors to withstand winds of up to 140mph (250km/h). 

The team will need insulation around all the shed parts to ensure they’re not damaged during the night. 

Then the sheds floor will need some time to dry out. 

All the shed pieces will need a coating of a chemical called “fire retardant”. 

The process will take about a week, so by the time the sheds are up and running, it should be safe for the sheds to go live again. 

By the end of that time, the sheds will have been built in order to

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