Solid Wood Flooring

IKEA: IKEB is offering $500 per customer for flooring that’s made from recycled materials like wood and vinyl, but the company’s owner says it will take no responsibility for the material’s use.

IKEAB is offering a $500 cash bonus per customer who chooses to pay the company a one-time $300 deposit.

The retailer said in a statement that the bonus is “for all of our customers who choose to pay for the use of recycled materials”.

It also said that the deposit will be used to purchase materials for use on IKEs furniture and furniture accessories, with the remainder going to a non-profit partner to fund the projects.

IKEAB said that it will “use this money to help support the construction of new flooring at IKEa, and also for other projects” including the installation of new toilets.

It said it has not yet decided on the amount of the bonus.

“We’re not responsible for the materials we use,” the statement said.

Its CEO, David Boulton, told ABC Radio Melbourne on Thursday that the company would make a “significant” contribution to the cost of the projects it was supporting.

Mr Boulson said that “over the last year we have been working with a number of other organisations” to help fund the renovations.”IKEA has been a great supporter of the refurbishment of our existing furniture facilities, particularly the new bathrooms, and we are looking forward to seeing that continue,” he said.

“We have had great success with the renovation of the existing IKEb facilities, and they have been excellent investments for the Australian economy and jobs, particularly in Victoria and around Australia.”

The company also said it was investing in the building of a new “home for the future”, a building that would house its own staff.

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