This DIY flooring project is going viral after it’s been installed

When it was installed at a New York apartment, the DIY floor-painting project quickly went viral, thanks to its simplicity.

The idea was to decorate a bedroom, and when it was finished, it was a perfect match for the wall.

“I’m a big fan of decorating spaces,” said Lisa Koehler, a painter, decorator and mother of two.

She started making these DIY floor patterns online, and after months of tweaking and experimenting, she had a design that looked exactly like the room she wanted to decorating.

Koehler’s DIY projects have become a worldwide phenomenon, with the likes of Etsy and Etsy seller TheDirtyDance having made their mark.

Even the New York City Department of Transportation is now looking to create floor patterns.

In her blog post, Koehl said that when she was in school, she always wanted to learn how to paint, and the opportunity came along as a chance to do something fun and meaningful with a piece of fabric.

It was also a way for her to connect with her art history.

“I love the art of painting, and I always love art in general, but my interest in flooring came from my art history class,” Koehr said.

For a lot of people, the process of making a DIY floor is similar to making a rug or a wall tile.

But Koehlers DIY projects are different, because she wants her wall to look as unique as her bedroom.

“It’s not just about a simple paint job,” Kiehl said.

“I want the wall to have a sense of permanence.”

The DIY floor paint that Koehm is making is made from polyester, which she said has a natural feel to it.

While Koehn’s floor is just as good as it sounds, Kiehn also said that it is easier to do than it is to buy.

So instead of buying carpeting, she makes it out of materials that she finds at home, such as carpet glue and a DIY glue that can be bought at home stores.

This DIY floor pattern also comes with instructions, which Koehorn said she can share with the community, to help them get started.

When it comes to using the materials, Kowalk’s mother, Denise Kowalker, said that Kowaks DIY floor was easy to use.

“We’re just trying to create a space that’s beautiful and feels comfortable,” Denise KOWALK said.

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