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‘I’m not afraid’: A woman’s fear for her safety as she walks down the stairs of her house

A mother-of-four who walked through the halls of her Brisbane home on a Saturday night last month, was “shocked” when she found herself trapped in the building.

“I didn’t even think I would get caught, it was a scary moment,” the 28-year-old said.

The building, a six-storey house on St John’s Green, is located on a street that was closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The house is home to several families, including one who live upstairs.

Ms Creswell said she heard loud banging and yelling inside the building and looked around to see if she could find help.

“It was a very dark and dingy, dingy place,” she said.

“My husband, who is a paramedic, heard a couple of bangs downstairs.”

He came down to check on the family and saw they had been trapped for about 15 minutes, which was a little bit scary, but he went upstairs and found two women who were very distressed and crying.

“Ms Cregill said she was unsure how long she was trapped in her home.

“When you see a building like that and you hear the banging and bangs, you don’t think you’re in trouble.” “

There was a bit of a shock that it had happened,” she told ABC Brisbane.

“When you see a building like that and you hear the banging and bangs, you don’t think you’re in trouble.”

A resident who was working on the property, who wished to remain anonymous, said he heard banging and shouting at about 10:30pm.

He said he thought it was fireworks when he saw the house.

“He thought it might have been a fire alarm, but then the first thing he thought of was the building,” he said.

Residents say the building is surrounded with heavy steel and glass, and has been a problem for a long time Residents who live in the block said they were worried about the safety of residents in the area.

“You hear the noise and you don’ think, ‘oh my God, there’s a fire’,” resident Brian Young said.

“(They) are all scared, they’re all terrified, it’s a little scary.”

Neighbouring residents said they had seen a lot of activity in the street recently, including a woman carrying a shopping cart through the building with two children.

“They’ve been going through the whole building at the moment, which means a lot to the residents,” resident Dave O’Neill said.

Neighbour Robert O’Meara said the building was in a state of “horror”.

“We’ve got a couple [of] cars in the streets, a couple people, kids playing outside,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

Residents who were living nearby said the residents who live next door were worried and fearful about the situation.

“This is the only way in and out of the house,” resident Robert O”Mearas said.

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