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US court rules against flooring company

The US Supreme Court has ruled against a company that is seeking to have flooring used to make mattresses in its country.

The justices ruled on Thursday that a company called Floor Coaters had failed to prove that its flooring was “safe for human consumption”.

It is the first time the US Supreme court has addressed flooring in the context of making mattresses.

The case involves the use of flooring made from a substance called polyurethane.

Polyurethanes are used in many other household products, including flooring and cushions.

It is widely known as “premium carpeting” because it is made from polyurea, a fibrous organic material that is generally considered to be a safe material.

In a brief filed in federal court in Cincinnati, the company argued that polyurethalene had been manufactured for decades in a “standardised process”.

The company’s use of polyuretha has not been widely tested and there was no scientific evidence to support the claims that the material was safe for human ingestion, the brief said.

The court agreed with the argument, but found that a manufacturer of polyester carpeting must prove that the flooring it uses is safe for humans to use, and not simply that it is “safe”.

The court said the company’s “claim that its product is safe to use for human use must be borne in mind, however, that the same standard is applied to other materials in use today, including the use by many other companies”.

“If the standard of safety applied to polyureas, such as polyester, is so stringent that it cannot be met by many others, the court must determine whether the standard is the same or higher for polyuretas than for other materials, or whether a more lenient standard is required to protect the public,” the brief stated.

Polyurethenes are a type of organic polymers.

The court said that in addition to its health risks, they are also used in carpets, and other carpeting.

It said that the US should also apply a more stringent standard to polyester to ensure it was safe to be used in the manufacture of floor mats.

“The Court concludes that Floor Coater does not have the necessary scientific expertise to prove to the satisfaction of the Court that polyester floor mats are safe to human consumption,” the court said.

A spokesperson for Floor Coatier said that it would not be commenting on the ruling.

The ruling came after the European Court of Human Rights ruled in November that polypropylene foam used in carpeting was not “safe” for human inhalation.

The European Court’s ruling came a month after the US Federal Aviation Administration rejected the use and sale of polypropylene foam, saying it had “serious concerns” about its safety.

A spokesman for the company said: “We continue to work closely with our US and European regulatory and legal teams to ensure we meet the safety standards set by our regulatory authorities.”

A spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union said that although the company was appealing the ruling, it was hopeful that it will be overturned.

She said: “”The decision that we hope to see overturned is the result of the courts being open-minded and accepting the scientific evidence that polyethylene foam is safe, and that this is not a scientific consensus.

“A spokesperson said the US Department of Commerce had not received any applications from Floor Coatiers, but that the government would continue to enforce the law in a more rigorous manner.

An appeal is currently pending against the ruling in the US, but it is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court of the US on June 30.