What’s next for the American flag after its death?

The American flag, a symbol of freedom, patriotism and the values of America, will no longer be displayed on the Mall or on the Capitol grounds on Feb. 21, 2018.

The decision was announced Monday, two days after a man wearing a mask shot two police officers in the Capitol complex, killing one and wounding another.

The flags were removed in 2011 after a protest led by the Black Lives Matter movement.

President Donald Trump had pledged to remove the flags from the Capitol, but it was unclear if he would be able to do so.

After his inauguration in January, Trump announced plans to take the flags off the Capitol lawn in 2019.

The Capitol, however, will still be home to the House and Senate, as well as the president’s office.

There are currently several thousand flags flying on the lawn, which has been the scene of many protests over police violence and other issues.

The flag has been in the House of Representatives since its creation, although the majority of flags flown by members of Congress are on the House floor.

The House is scheduled to return to normal when lawmakers return from a five-week recess on Friday.

On Saturday, Trump said he was considering removing the flags on the grounds of the Capitol.

“I have great respect for the flag and I think it’s important that we continue to honor it,” Trump said.

“But right now, as I have said many times, we’re moving forward.

We have to respect the fact that the flag is there, that we’re not taking it down.”

The Senate is scheduled on Sunday to return from its two-week break, but lawmakers could still move the flags around, although it is not clear if the Senate will have a vote on removing them from the Mall.

“It will be the first time the flags have been removed from the Senate,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., told reporters in January.

“The Senate will be in session for at least a few weeks and then we’ll have a chance to come up with a plan.”

He said he believes it would be “a mistake” to remove flags on Senate grounds, which will be a “major challenge.”

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