What do you need to know about the new Mohawk Flooring – best laminate floors

The new Mohawks hardwood floors are available in two colours, white and black, with the standard laminate in either white or black.

The black flooring comes with a premium black coating that comes with its own label, and the white flooring has a matte finish.

The company has also created an extra layer of matt finish around the black and white floorings to give the floors a softer, more plush feel.

The new flooring is designed to provide a better fit for the comfort of a more serious home.

There is also an option for two different thicknesses of laminate.

Both the white and the black floorings are available from the Mohawk online store, and cost around €3,000.

Both products are available for purchase on Amazon, but the company does not sell them on its website.

The white floor is available in six colours, with black being the default choice for the standard black floor.

The white floor will come with a white label and a black sticker, which has the name of the company that made the floor.

The black floor is also available in a six colour palette, with white being the standard choice.

The colour scheme is similar to the white one, but has a black label and black sticker.

The matt finish on the black carpet comes with the word “Mohawk” on it.

The company says that the matt finish has a premium finish which can be applied to a white floor or black floor, but does not specify the type of finish.

In an interview with Business Insider, Mohawk CEO Andrew Fenton said the matt finishes give the floor a softer feel.

“It’s not just the fact that you have a slightly different surface, but it’s that the finish on it is different,” Fenton explained.

“The matt finishes are very soft.

They feel really soft.

It’s very soft and it’s not sticky.”

The company did not disclose pricing on the matt floor, or whether it was available in black or white.

Mohawk’s new floor systems come with their own label and are available online.

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