How to avoid a ceiling spill

The floors beneath my house have a built-in pump to automatically pump air from the ceiling to the floor above.

The water pressure on that pump is just enough to pump air to the surface of the floor, but not so much that the floor starts to leak.

I can still hear the water pumping in and out through the gaps between the walls, so I’m fine.

But I did notice the floor under my house began to look pretty uneven. 

When I went to get the pump repaired, I found a small hole on the floor.

It was only a small crack, but it felt like a huge hole. 

It was obvious the floor beneath my home had already been damaged. 

I called the home repair company that had fixed the hole and asked them how much I would be responsible for repairing.

The company replied that the damage was already fixed, but I would need to cover the repair cost with a small fee. 

“If you have an older home, you might not be able to take advantage of this,” the rep said.

“It’s not an easy thing to do.

It’s just not possible for the insurance company to take on that.” 

It turned out I didn’t have an issue with the insurance.

The repair company did send me a bill for $15, which was a little steep, but a few weeks later, I received a refund for the cost of the repair. 

 In the end, I think I’ll have to pay my insurance more than what I initially paid.

I could have covered the repairs myself, but the insurance agent had a bad day.

So now I have to wait until I repair the whole thing.

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