Solid Wood Flooring

Which floor cleaners are safe to use?

A new study has found that a variety of cleaners that have been linked to health issues in the past are safe for people to use.

The report, released on Monday by the Australian Council for Science and Technology (ACST), was commissioned by the health and wellbeing regulator the Australian Consumer and Business Council (ACBC).ACST has also recommended that people avoid using cleaning products containing chlorine.

A recent report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that chlorine was a probable carcinogen in humans.

The new study looked at more than 300 products on the market and found that, among the cleaners tested, there was no clear evidence that they caused health problems.

The products included bleach, sodium hypochlorite, ammonium sulfate, potassium hypochloric acid, methyl paraben, benzalkonium chloride, benzyl alcohol, and potassium permanganate.

Some cleaners were also found to have a high level of hydrogen cyanide.

The researchers, who looked at products sold by Australian companies including the Australian Woolworths, Huggies, and Bed Bath & Beyond, found that some of these cleaners contained chlorine.

However, the report noted that these results did not necessarily mean that the cleaners contained the contaminant.

For example, some of the cleaners could have been mixed with other chemicals or had ingredients that did not belong on the list of contaminants.

But the results did suggest that they were safe for use.

For instance, a bleach-based cleanser was tested, and found to be safe to put on a mattress, and an ammonium-based cleaning product was tested.

A bleach-and-ammonium cleaning product, which contains ammonium salts, was found to contain no contaminants.ACST said it was pleased that more companies were taking these findings seriously.

“It’s important to note that the results do not mean that these cleaners are harmless,” the report said.

“However, there is no evidence that these products are a cause of illness or death, and the results are not intended to suggest that consumers are not safe to wash their clothes with them.”

For example in some cases, products containing these ingredients may have been contaminated with other potentially harmful substances.”ACST advised consumers to check the ingredients on their products.

The ACBC has said it wants the public to know that there is a clear risk when it comes to cleaning products, and is also asking businesses to consider using safer cleaning methods.

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