What’s on your wish list for next year?

Fox Sports says the next few months will see many changes for the NFL, with the league reportedly considering changing its playoff format.

The league has also reportedly begun considering the use of a new, online broadcast model.

Fox Sports is set to unveil the first new slate of NFL games on March 3.

The network will stream every Sunday game on its channel, including the playoffs.

It will also stream the Super Bowl, the NFC championship game and the first-ever Thanksgiving Day game.

NFL Network has a similar lineup, with games scheduled for March 3-6, but will also have exclusive access to Super Bowl games.

The new model is expected to have a similar appeal to ESPN’s live NFL stream.

“We’re excited to see the NFL continue to evolve with this new model,” said Rob Green, general manager of NFL Network.

“The NFL has been innovating for many years, and we think this new live streaming model will allow viewers to see a different set of games each week.

The NFL has long relied on fans to watch the game live on their devices, and now they’ll have more opportunities to do so as we begin the transition to live streaming.”

The NFL will not be able to use a streaming system like ESPN’s or HBO’s live streaming, meaning it will need to rely on its own.

The live streaming service will be available exclusively through the NFL’s website.

The next few years of the NFL are set to be very exciting for fans.

FoxSports says the network will premiere a new season of the Fox Sports NASCAR Countdown on March 4, followed by the return of the new Fox Sports Sunday Ticket in the spring.

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