‘Dazzling’ Italian designer buys expensive laminate for the Rome stadium

It is one of the most spectacular stadium structures in Europe and it has been the subject of endless debate since it was completed in 2014.

Now, a designer from Milan has been awarded the contract to build it.

The ‘Gran Turismo’ will be the new home of the Italian Serie A club, Inter Milan, who won the Champions League last season. 

Italian newspaper La Repubblica said on Monday that it was one of six proposals being considered by Milan’s architects.

“There are a lot of possibilities, but the only one that has been announced yet is a concrete stadium,” a source told the newspaper.

“The other two are steel and concrete.

But that is the only thing that is announced right now.”

Italian media reports suggested the stadium would be built in a site near the city’s historic Marozzo Gardens, with the architects being guided by the city. 

In October last year, Milan signed a contract with a French company to build the stadium, a decision that was greeted with enthusiasm in Italy and across Europe.

But after the Italian FA’s decision to boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a number of European clubs have pulled out of the tournament, and Inter Milan is the main candidate to host the tournament. 

“The project is one that will be a game changer in Italy,” Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Wednesday. 

The stadium will be built with €30bn of public money, with €10bn of it coming from the European Investment Bank. 

Italy is also expected to spend €3bn on new stadiums.